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It’s Your Business – September 2012

The Do’s and Don’ts of SMSFs

Recent share market volatility has negatively affected many people’s superannuation savings – taking more control of your financial future may be just what the doctor ordered. Peter Quinn sets out a 10 step guide to help you manage your own Self Managed Super Fund.

The Really Simple Self Managed Super Fund Guide – July 2012

Gear up for smooth sailing in your retirement

Although many people have a retirement plan, we’re often distracted by day-to-day responsibilities which push this plan down low on our priorities list. Based on the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, you currently need $900,000 in investment assets to retire comfortably. Peter Quinn provides some helpful tips to assist you with your super and retirement planning.

It’s Your Business – March 2012

Ensuring a Super Retirement

Superannuation, shares, property – what’s all the fuss about? As a result of the past three years of share market volatility and economic uncertainty, many business owners are questioning whether investing in shares is the best strategy to plan for their retirement, or whether they should explore other options or reduce their super contributions, to avoid further losses.

Put your super to work for your business – and put your business to work for your super. Peter Quinn gives some helpful advice.

My Business – February 2012

Make Retirement SUPER

Business owners cannot afford to ignore superannuation. Financial advisors say hoping for a big payday when you decide to exit a business is a very poor retirement savings strategy, and that small business owners should instead invest in superannuation.

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