Investment Advice and Portfolio Management

We can help you with all aspects of investing. We will tailor our advice to you, to ensure your investments are well positioned for your medium and long term investment goals whilst balancing your risk tolerance.

With our focus on long term performance rather than short term gains, your individual Advisor can help you with:

  • expert advice on managing your portfolio
  • diversifying your investments across various asset classes
  • regular monitoring of your portfolio, making adjustments according to your risk profile, investment goals and the prevailing market conditions

Investing in your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

We can help you with all aspects of investing in your SMSF, including managing your investment portfolio, recommending appropriate investments and all reporting and paperwork. Our Specialist Super Fund Advisor, Peter Quinn, is available to meet with you now to discuss your individual strategy.

Your tailored investment portfolio

Your investment portfolio is tailored to suit your individual needs as an investor. Your Advisor will take into account your objectives as well as your attitude towards investment risk and recommend appropriate investment strategies.

Asset allocation is one of the key drivers to long term wealth creation and financial security. Our focus is to ensure our clients’ portfolios are positioned for the future while also allowing for current market conditions. We can help you diversify your investments across all major asset classes and provide you with recommendations on when to buy and sell appropriate investments.

Once implemented, your Advisor will then monitor your portfolio, providing you with ongoing reviews outlining key recommendations, market and specific security updates, asset allocations and income projections.

Keeping you updated

Your Investment Advisor provides you with ongoing advice outlining:

  • asset allocations
  • income projections
  • key recommendations
  • market and specific security updates

You will also meet with your Investment Advisor routinely to formally review your portfolio.

Investment seminars

Peter Quinn regularly holds seminars on topics such as superannuation, taxation and financial planning strategies.

Peter’s connection with clients is underpinned by his expertise in communicating complex financial matters in easy everyday language. This enables clients to understand and take action to secure their financial freedom.

More recently Peter offered his clients targeted seminars on:

  • Buying property through your Self Managed Super Fund
  • Important changes to superannuation legislation
  • Negative gearing
  • Superannuation strategies
  • Taxation benefits of dividend imputation
  • Tax planning strategies

Want to know more?

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