Aged Care financial advice

Aged care is a complex area requiring careful thought and financial planning. As an Accredited Aged Care Professional, we specialise in providing the best financial advice and strategies for your loved one’s aged care requirements and can help you navigate your way through the financial steps required to give you peace of mind.

How we can help

If you are thinking about a move into an aged care facility, our Accredited Aged Care Professionals can provide you with financial clarity so that you understand how the cost relates to your circumstances.

We can help you:

  • identify the costs that will apply
  • structure the costs so the aged care is affordable in the short and long term
  • decide what assets should be kept or sold, including the family home
  • develop strategies to maximise any government benefits available, including the Age Pension, and talk through estate planning complexities

We will help you determine:

  • whether an accommodation contribution is payable
  • ongoing costs that apply to you including the basic daily fee, a means tested care fee and any additional daily fees
  • the various options available whether you should keep, sell or rent your principal place of residence
  • how to maximise your social security benefits
  • whether your capital can be invested to provide sufficient cashflow to meet your aged care costs
  • which assets you would like to form part of your estate and those that you would like to go directly to your beneficiaries
  • what tax offsets are available and which apply to your circumstances

Make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our Accredited Aged Care Professionals about the key decisions that lie ahead, the options available to you or your loved ones, and the cost of any advice.

Aged Care financial planning


We are proud to be an Accredited Aged Care Professional.  We are committed to maintaining our expertise through ongoing professional development.

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