Protect your estate
for your family and loved ones

Estate planning is a subject we often don’t like to think about. But careful planning is vital for a safe and smooth transfer of your wealth to your loved ones. An effective estate plan will pass on the assets you worked so hard to acquire without burdening your beneficiaries with unnecessary taxes or unclear endowments.

How we can help

Estate planning is part of creating a robust financial plan for the future of your wealth. We work closely with Quinn Lawyers, who will create an estate plan tailored to your wishes.

This estate plan will determine your power of attorney, create financial structures to protect your assets, and control how your wealth will pass on. It can also ensure that legal entities you manage, such as your family business or Self-Managed Super Fund will pass smoothly to the control of people you choose and trust.

We also make sure your estate plan and investment structures are integrated into your overall financial plan, so that you can continue to securely enjoy and grow your wealth with peace of mind.

Creating your estate plan

When creating your estate plan, here are some of the things we can help you determine.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney will allow someone you trust to make decisions about your financial and legal affairs if you are unable to. It’s important to prepare this in advance.

Appointing an executor

An executor manages the distribution of your estate, from making funeral arrangements to distributing assets in line with your will. The role of executor is important, so it’s vital to select someone appropriate.

Establishing a testamentary trust

A testamentary trust is a common type of trust used to pass on an inheritance. This kind of trust provides greater control over the distribution of your assets, and can reduce the tax that your loved ones pay on their inheritance. It is also useful when passing your wealth to someone who is very young and can’t manage their inheritance on their own.

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