Tax planning is an important part of financial success

Tax management is a vital part of financial planning, as it allows you to preserve more of your hard earned wealth. At Quinn Financial Planning, our advisors are also trained accountants, so we can deliver both tax and financial advice. We make sure that your tax and investment strategies work together to legally minimise your tax while continually growing your wealth.


Superannuation provides the opportunity to save for retirement more efficiently by taking advantage of tax concessions. Whether you have an established Self-Managed Super Fund, or are looking for the best superannuation option, we can help you make the most tax effective decision.

Investment strategy

As professional chartered accountants, we have the expertise to make sure your investments are structured in the most tax effective way. We will build a tailored investment portfolio for you that will help you take advantage of tax concessions while minimising and advantageously timing liabilities such as capital gains tax.

Business owners

The way you structure your business and self-remuneration will have a considerable influence on how much tax you will pay, as well as your level of personal exposure to debts and business liabilities. We can help you structure both your business and personal finances to legally minimise tax while continuing to grow your personal wealth.

Estate planning

When your estate is passed on, your wealth may be taxed in a number of different ways, including capital gains tax and tax on income your loved ones will generate from their inheritance. We can help you develop an effective estate plan to minimise tax, and ensure your loved ones keep more of their inheritance.

A complete financial strategy

From remuneration, to capital gains and negative gearing, there are countless factors that can contribute to the amount of tax you pay. For this reason, it’s important to obtain comprehensive advice.

Tax management should not be considered in isolation, but rather as part of a complete financial strategy designed to achieve your goals and objectives. As our advisers are qualified and experienced at both financial planning and accounting, we make sure your tax planning and financial planning work together to achieve the best results.

Our expertise extends across:
  • income tax planning
  • remuneration packaging
  • salary sacrifice and superannuation tax concessions
  • capital gains tax
  • negative gearing
  • and much more

By offering both financial planning and taxation advice, our clients benefit from consistent, expert and accurate advice, saving valuable time and money.

I have been a client of Peter Quinn and Quinn Consultants for some 15 years.

During this time Peter has acted for and advised me on my personal tax matters and later for my husband and I on matters including our many businesses, finances and most recently setting up my Self Managed Super Fund. Peter Quinn is a very experienced professional with expert knowledge on all matters in his field.

Over the years, Peter has always been available and accommodating to answer any questions we had, whilst always holding our best financial interests in mind. He has continually prepared our End-of-Year financials with extremely satisfying results. His advice has always been clear, succinct and he has always articulately backed up and explained the reasons for his advice and direction.

In saying all this, Peter Quinn is an absolute gentleman, easy (and a pleasure) to talk to and very up to date on everything. I always feel I can be myself and ask anything (no matter how silly it is) and 100% of the time, he has the answers. He is also extremely patient and we always feel that he has all the time in the world for us. In closing, we could not be happier with the services of Quinn Consultants. They are transparent, honest, efficient, knowledgeable and they are certainly the “go to” consultants for all one’s financial needs.

Elizabeth Rosa

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