Do you have an investment property – have your tenants asked for a rent adjustment?

If you are a landlord, consider these handy tips to minimise the financial impact during this difficult period. Talk to your bank.  You should consider discussing with your bank the terms of your loan.  For example, explore whether you can have your loan changed from principal and interest to interest only.  This will assist in […]

Looking to re-enter the stock market in these volatile COVID-19 times?

The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc globally at a frightening rate with stock markets experiencing unprecedented volatility. So when is a good time to buy shares in these unpredictable, uncertain and volatile times? The best time to buy shares is when the coronavirus and stock market panic has peaked. This hasn’t happened yet – the curve […]

Christmas Parties & FBT: What you need to know

The most frequently asked questions this time of year pertains to Christmas parties. Specifically, are they tax deductible and are they subject to Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT). Let’s address Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) first.  The costs associated with Christmas parties held off site i.e. at a restaurant, will be subject to FBT unless the benefits […]

Teaching your children the importance of money, saving, and financial planning

From my experience as a tax accountant, financial planner and a parent, I have had the opportunity to review many clients’ personal financial balance sheets, tax returns and personal net wealth. Below are five financial planning tips that I believe that we should be teaching our children. But before I delve onto those five tips […]