Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethical Investment

Recently we have been made aware of the reputational damage sustained by Rio Tinto as a result of the destruction of 46,000-year-old archaeological treasures.  Rio Tinto is Australia’s 12th largest company based on market capitalisation – a very large and profitable company with a very strong balance sheet. Based on the above should you remove […]

Beware of fixed-income investments

With interest rates at historical lows, the stock market negatively affected by COVID-19, banks cutting interest rates on term deposits and their dividends to shareholders. The property market’s value predicted to decline, there is no doubt that we can be attracted to investments offering a fixed income without the abovementioned volatility. The Australian Securities and […]

Worried about finances post COVID? Choose the right Financial Planner to help reach your goals and plan for the future.

During these turbulent times, we are all reading negative headlines such as “property prices are set to decline by up to 20%”, “unemployment is suggested to double to 10%” and “business will not recover until a vaccine is found for COVID–19”.  With headlines like these, it’s no wonder we’ve got financial jitters. Currently, many people […]