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While interest rates are at a record low, retirees still have mortgage debt.

If you are a senior you may remember when interest rates were as high as 17% back in June 1987. Since 1987 we have seen interest rates continue to decline to our present-day record-low mortgage rate. Currently, home loan interest rates are less than 2.9% per annum.  When home loan interest rates decline it gives […]

Last chance to access your superannuation under Covid-19 early release legislation

As the end of the calendar year approaches so does the deadline for early access to your superannuation under the Covid-19 early access provisions.  Whilst the last day to access your superannuation under these provisions is 31 December 2020, the ATO has advised that should you wish to access your super pre-Christmas you will need […]

Have you received all your superannuation entitlements?

If you are a resident Australian employee who earns more than $450 per month, you are legally entitled to 9.5% super on your ordinary times earnings, which is basically your wage excluding overtime. Your employer must pay your superannuation entitlement quarterly.  But are you receiving them?  Has your superannuation contribution been paid into your superannuation […]

Regular investment is one way of riding out rough times

Up, down; good, bad. We have been watching the Australian All Ordinaries Index increase 1-2% one day and fall the same amount the next. One day the experts are singing the praises of our leading companies and the next they are shouting their shortcomings. With such missed messages the average investor is understandably confused. Should […]

Which of the following two companies would you invest in?

When you are looking to invest in a publicly listed company, what factors do you consider before making your investment? Do you consider the company’s: Market capitalisation Price-earnings ratio Net profit Earnings per share Revenue growth Profit growth Dividends paid by the company Market share Future viability of the company’s product  Financial projections Well, based […]

Review the cost of your personal insurance (as price increases are on the horizon)

When it comes to selecting our personal insurances such as:  Income protection or Income Continuance Life insurance Trauma Temporary and permanent disability (TPD) the majority of us have a “set and forget” mindset.  That is, we go to the trouble of completing the multipage application booklet and we attend to the necessary health and blood […]