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What to look for when choosing a financial planner

Based on an ABC report, almost 50% of Australian adults have unmet financial advice needs. More Australians need financial planning assistance but they are unsure how to select a prudent financial planner, particularly after the finding of the recent Bank Royal Commission. A good financial planner should be able to help you achieve your financial […]

5 Behavioural Biases that Affect Your Investment Decisions

There are five typical behavioural biases when making financial decisions. They include; 1. Overconfidence. The overconfident trait is developed when we make an investment in say shares or property and these shares or property increase in value by more than we anticipated. We did nothing other than buy the investment. We feel very confident, so […]

What are franking credits, and how do they affect retirement income?

Franking Credits, Refunds and the effect on retiree pensions There has been much publicity about Labor’s announcement of its policy to scrap franking credit cash refunds. To understand ‘franking credits’ we need to go back to the ‘imputation system’ introduced by the Hawke-Keating Labor Government in 1987. The purpose for the introduction of this legislation […]