Cost of Raising Children

In a recent study AMP.NATSEM 33 – The Cost of Kids, the report looked at the cost of raising Australian children.



The findings of this report can be summarised as follows:



1.   It costs a typical middle income family $812,000 to raise two children from birth until they leave home. In 2007 the comparative cost was $537,000.



2.    Since 2007 the cost of childcare and education has increased significantly.



3.   The average weekly income of a “Middle Income family” is $2,274 per week. For a “High Income family” it is $4,984 per week. For an “Average Income family” it is $2,612 per week.



4.   On average a family with one child costs $281 per week. A family with two children the average cost per child is $232 per week. A family with three children the average cost per child is $193 per week.



5.   18 to 24 year olds cost five times more per week than children aged between zero and four.



6.    90% of males with children work full time.



7.    23% of females with children younger than 5 years old work full time.



8.    44% of females with children older than 5 years old work full time.


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