Do you claim 100% home internet expenses for work or business purposes?

In a recent tax case, the taxpayer claimed 100% of his home internet expense for the financial year but failed to keep contemporaneous records. The deduction was reduced to $50 by the ATO.

The case went to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

During the course of the dispute, the taxpayer provided a record of the family’s home internet usage for a period of time. The records showed that the internet was not used exclusively by the taxpayer for work purposes. For example, the records showed that some of the websites visited, including Facebook, did not relate to the taxpayer’s employment. As a result, the AAT found that the taxpayer failed to show the ATO’s assessment was incorrect.

One of the key points to take from this case is that a claim of 100% business use for these types of expenses is far more likely to attract the ATO’s attention and can be very difficult to prove. Also, in this case, it may have been possible for the taxpayer to claim larger deductions for things like internet and mobile phone usage, but they simply didn’t have the records required to substantiate deductions beyond the $50 amount allowed by the ATO.

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